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Debt Collections

The Van Dyke Law Firm P.L.L.C. is generally in the business of post-judgment debt collection.  Jason Van Dyke has been working as a receiver in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex since 2008 and has been appointed a receiver under the Texas Turnover Act on over one thousand separate occasions.  We bring experience to the table in judgment enforcement that is not typically available from firms specializing in pre-judgment and trial matters.  Law firms, attorneys, and creditors wishing to use Mr. Van Dyke as a receiver should call or email the office.

Receivership is not the only remedy offered by our office.  We assist in domesticating foreign judgment, garnishments, post-judgment injunctive relief, charging orders, and post-judgment seizures or repossessions (through writs and other means).  We also assist clients in obtaining information on a debtors assets through written discovery, depositions, subpoenas to third parties, and investigations of individual debtors. Clients wishing for assistance in collecting their judgment should contact our office immediately.

Pre-judgment collection matters are accepted only on a case-by-case basis.  We do accept cases for a contingency fee, but these are subject to stringent underwriting requirements.  It is far more common for a collection matter will be accepted for an hourly or flat rate, and this saves the client money in a majority of cases.  There are a variety of reasons for our fee structure and, before placing an account with any law firm (including ours) or collection agency, we encourage prospective clients to set up a free consultation with our office and read Mr. Van Dyke’s FAQ “What You Need To Know About Collection Agencies”.

Collection Agency FAQS

A FAQ:  What You Need To Know About Commercial Collection Agencies Located in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex

Question:            Who are you?

Answer:            My name is Jason Lee Van Dyke.  I am a Texas attorney and I am the owner of The Van Dyke Law Firm P.L.L.C.  Prior to entering private practice, I started my career collecting though litigation for a factoring company.  I then became in house counsel for a collection agency and spent over 18 months learning about how the collections industry works in Dallas / Ft. Worth before I started my firm and entered private practice in May of 2011.

Question:            What did you learn about commercial collection agencies?

Answer:            That is what this FAQ is all about.  I am a collections industry insider who worked for an agency as its general counsel.  I know all of the secrets, dirty tricks, and scams used by commercial collection agencies to create business, obtain wealth for their owners, and defraud their customers. 

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