• Comm. Litigation

    Debt Collection, Defamation & Torts

  • Criminal Defense

    Felony, misdemeanor and juvenile

  • Expunction & Non-Disclosure

    Let us help protect your reputation.

  • Alcohol Offenses

    MIP, MIC, DWI, and Public Intoxication

  • Drug Offenses

    Defending your liberty and your driver's license.

Practice Areas


Criminal Defense

Assaultive Offenses
Alcohol Offenses and Underage Drinking
Burglary and Breaking & Entering
Driving While Intoxicated
Drugs and Controlled Substances
Family Violence
Robbery and Extortion
Theft / Shoplifting
Trespassing, Vandalism, and Criminal Mischief
Weapons Charges
Worthless Checks
Youthful Offenders (Juvenile Offenses)


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Other Criminal Matters

Community Supervision – Applications for Early Release
Expunctions & Non-Disclosures
Occupational Driver’s Licenses
Probation Violations

Creditor’s Rights

Breach of Contract and Sworn Accounts
Defense of Fair Debt Collection Claims
Factoring and Enforcement of Security Interests
Judgment Enforcement and Receiverships
Quantum Meruit  and Quasi-Contract Claims
Theft Liability Act and Fraud
Turnover Orders and Post-Judgment Receiverships
Unjust Enrichment